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Pisang Embun Organik | Gros Michel Banana Organic (+/- 2KG)

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Gros Michel bananas are rare today since it fell victim to an invading soil fungus that caused the Panama disease many decades ago. However, it is still available in small quantities in Malaysia, and we're lucky to have it in our farm!

Comparing to the widely available pisang berangan (Cavendish), the Gros Michel is richer and sweeter. It has a distinct smell and is creamier to the taste. 

- Gros Michel banana does not turn yellow. But it is ripe when soft. There will be olive shades of green. 

- Suitable as table bananas or for making pancakes, bread, muffins, cakes etc

- 2kg is about 1 bunch of banana

- Gros Michel bananas are seasonal, as they are available in small quantities and is grown naturally without pesticide or ripening agent. 

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